“A Fiery Showdown: India’s Oil Game Leaves Europe Roasted and Speechless”

EAM Dr S Jaishankar is on fire today at SCO summit

India, the genius of the oil game, makes a boss move by purchasing Russian oil, putting its refining expertise to work, and slickly selling it to Europe as Indian Oil. Smooth moves, right? But wait for the plot twist!

India, the genius of the oil game,

After a year of enjoying the liquid gold, Europe suddenly wakes up from its blissful slumber and realizes, “Hold up! This ain’t right!” They start wagging their fingers, shouting about unjustified actions, and reminding India about the oh-so-scary sanctions they imposed on Russia.


Feeling the heat, Europe threatens to crack down on India for its audacity. But India’s not one to back down from a fight. Enter Jaishankar, the master of comebacks. He calmly flips open the EU council’s 833/2014 regulation, aiming a verbal flamethrower at Europe’s face.


With a sly grin, Jaishankar serves up a piping hot dish of truth, reminding Europe that they conveniently forgot their own rules. Oh, the satisfaction of a perfectly roasted response! It’s a mic-drop moment as Europe finds itself speechless, their threats evaporating into thin air.


Lesson learned, Europe. When you play the sanctions game, be prepared to face the consequences. India just schooled you in the art of turning lemons into spicy, mouthwatering lemonade. Bon appétit! 🔥

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