Ajmer Files (Thread Series) Episode 1 : Dirty Pics

Ajmer Files (Thread Series)

Episode 1 : Dirty Pics


22nd April 1992


It was usual morning of Ajmer but on that day sth happened for which Ajmer was not ready. There was a story in newspaper Denik Navjyoti about a sex scandal that was going on in Ajmer


1992 was the era when there was no mobile, no internet, no news channels, very few landline telephone. There were only two major newspaper in Rajasthan-

Rajasthan Patrika

Denik Navjyoti

The story was about a sex scandal that had been going in Ajmer from long time. Lot of Ajmer girls were being sexually exploited by group of people. That story was talk of town for few days but people didn’t take it more seriously and after few days matter was forgotten.

This story cud not pick up coz there was no Police complaint, no girl came in forward.

“People are in deep sleep, these small noise wont wake up them, we have to drop the bomb now”

Journalist of DN, Santosh Kumar said to editor DB Choudhary

“Do u know what u r saying, it will create havoc”

“We don’t have any options, Girls are being exploited, Everyone knows, Police knows, Govt knows, Politician knows, If we don’t publish then it will keep going and don’t know how many more girls will be raped”

“Ok, go ahead, drop the bomb”

When Editor of Navjyoti, Deenbandhu Choudhary said this to Santosh Kumar he himself was not aware that what strom it vud bring in Ajmer.

The day was 15th May 1992

24 days after that story

A day that changed Ajmer for forever

It was a summer morning and as usual people checked their newspaper and what they saw there brought storm in city. The newspaper was full of dirty pictures of local girls in compromising position. This time Santosh Kumar decided to publish those photos, those photos were being circulated in Ajmer in closed circles but no one dared to publish them.

Ajmer files

Navjyoti published those photos for 2 days continuously (15th and 16th May 1992)

These photos created storm in Ajmer. Santosh Kumar’s idea this time went successful.

What was in those photos ?

Hindu girls being sexually exploited by local Muslim boys. Soon there was Ajmer bandh for 3 days.

People were protesting on streets. The chair of CM Bhairo Singh Shekhawat was shacking

Santosh Kumar had opened the cane of worms, Now all local tabloids were publishing more pictures.


Every day new pictures of new girls were coming.

The scandal was way bigger than imagined.

How did all this start ?

And How many girls were raped ?

Everybody wanted to know

The story that was exposed in May 1992, started in 1990.

Nafeesh and Farooq Chisti belongs to famous chisti family of Ajmer who is caretaker of Ajmer Dargah.

Their sister used to study in Sofia school of Ajmer and they used to go there to pick her.

End of episode 1

Episode 2

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