Ajmer Files (Thread Series) Episode 2

Ajmer Files (Thread Series) Episode 2


The story starts from 1990. This is the story of 2 Youths of Ajmer- Nafeesh Chisthi and Farooq Chisthi and their gang and hundreds of anonymous girls who became part of this dirty story.

  1. Ajmer Files

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Farooq n Nafees were kin of the most powerful chisthi family of Ajmer who is care taker of Ajmer dargah. They already have money n got power also in 1990

Farooq Chishtee was made president of the Ajmer Youth Congress. Nafis Chishtee was the vice-president of Ajmer Congress and Anwar Chishtee was made the joint secretary of Ajmer Congress.

That time there was BJP govt in power and Congress was main opposition.

Money with Power drove them to commit such crime that never happened in India.

Ajmer was always ahead of time to other cities in modernity n reason was the prestigious colleges like Mayo, Sophia, Savitri college

Mayo college was for elite class of India while upper class girls used to study at Sophia Girls school n college.

Farooq’s sister was also in Sophia school n to take her the entire gang used to go that school n through her they started to talk with girls.

All were good looking, smart and rich and used to give expensive gifts to girls n by this girls easily fell for them.

They had car that time a farm house at foy sagar road. One day Farooq brought his GF at his farmhouse n his friend took their intimate photos.

From their the story of rape and blackmail started. There were 8-10 boys in the gang : Farooq, Nafees, Anwar, Puttan, Salim, Ishrat, Shamshusdin, Suhail etc.

All were able to make girlfriends from Sophia by giving expensive gifts.

They took intimate photos of their GFs n started to rape them and farm house at Hatundi became their adda of dirty activities.

Any girl who wanted to go outside from relationship they used to blackmail them by pics. Due to fear no girl cud report to Police n parents

Rashmi who was GF of Farooq asked him crying to give her negatives of her photo then Farooq put a condition that if she brings her friend Shalu to him he would give her pics n stop blackmailing.

Rashmi introduced Shalu to Farooq n he did same with Shalu also.Brought her on farm house, raped her, took her photos n then aske her to bring her friend.

Same thing entire gang started to do with their GFs n 10 to 20, 20 to 40, 40 to 80 no one know they raped how many girls

Tomorrow in episode 3

Story of Sunita (Changed name) who wanted to join NSUI and how Farooq n Nafees trapped her n exploited her.

Sunita was the one who gave testimony is court n told her entire story.

End of Episode 2

Episode 1 Ajmer Files (Thread Series) Episode 1 : Dirty Pics


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