Ajmer Files (Thread Series) Episode 3

Ajmer files

Ajmer Files (Thread Series)

Episode 3

Ajmer Files (Thread Series) episode 3

Nafees pushed Sunita inside the room and closed the door. He asked her to take off her clothes otherwise she would be killed. He felled her on bed and attempted to tear off her clothes.

Ajmer files

They raped how many girls, actual number no one knows coz many girls never came for complaint n FIR but the way photos and videos were circulating,People believe that there were lot of girls n they were in hundreds. The story of Sunita (changed name) is very important coz Sunita was the girl who filed FIR n told her story in court. So this story is completely authentic.

Sunita was studying in the 12th Class in 1990 in Savitri School at Ajmer. She had ambition to join politics. SHe met to her friend Deepak Choudhary n told him abt it, Deepak assured her that he vud help her to join politics.

One day when she along with her younger sister and Deepak and another friend Rajesh was proceeding towards the bus stand from her house, a white Maruti car came from the opposite direction which had 2 or 3 occupants who seemed to know Deepak Chaudhary

They stopped car and offered lift to Deepak who accepted the offer. All of them sat in the car, Two persons in car were Nafees and Farooq Chisthi.

She was introduced to those two persons by Deepak ,Nafees offered her an assignment in the Congress Party so that she could begin her political career.

few days later one Anwar Chisti came in a car and introduced himself as a friend of Nafees. He gave her some forms to be filled up which were required by the Congress Party and also requested her to give her passport size photograph. She later gave her photograph to Nafees directly.

One day when she was going to school Nafees told her that he would drop her at the school and since she was getting late she accepted the offer.

Farooq was also in the car. Instead of dropping her at the school they took her to the farm house where Anwar and Ishrat were also present.

She went with Nafees to another room to discuss about her joining the Congress Party while Farooq and Anwar waited outside.

Nafees hugged and kissed her despite her opposition to which she protested and came out of the room. Some moments later Nafees also came out of the room.

Thereafter when she went inside the room to bring her dupatta Nafees pushed her inside the room and closed the door.

He asked her to take off her clothes otherwise she would be killed. He felled her on bed n attempted to tear off her clothes. She kept crying but he didnt stop.

Thereafter he raped her and after that when she was wearing cloths, he told her that she vud not talk abt it to anyone. She was thereafter taken in the car and dropped at her house.

Seven days later she again met Nafees near the Collectorate and he had warned her that if she mentioned about the earlier incident to anyone anything could happen.

One day she was going with her friend Madhuri (Changed name). Nafees n Farooq saw Madhuri.

What happened with Madhuri

Tomorrow in Episode 4

End of episode 3

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