Article 28 and 30 (Thread)  


Article 28 and 30 (Thread)

Why Hindus r not as religious as Muslim and Xtian? (Article 28 and 30 (Thread)

Why Hindu dont know about their religion n traditions ?

Why Hindu dont unit ?


This thread is about biggest conspiracy done with Hindus.


What Aurangzeb could not do, Our leaders did that

Article 28 and 30 (Thread)  
Article 28 and 30 (Thread)


U must have heard many times abt the Govt spending on madrasa education.Madrasa is the place where Muslims get religious education.

Have u ever heard abt the govt spending on Gurukuls ?

In this thread u will get the answers of following questions –

Article 28 and 30 (Thread)

1.Why govt fund heavily on Madrasa but cant fund gurukul ?

2.Why top schools in India r owned by Christians n Muslims ?

3.Why Veda n Gita can never be taught in schools NCERT Books ?

4.Why Hindu dharma will vanish in India in next 30 years ?

5. How Govt can save Hindus by doing one correction

Each n every state have a separate Madrasa board n fund for Madrassa education.Like West Bengal have annual fund of Rs 5000 crore for only Madarsa education and all other states have equal or less same funds.

Due to these Gov funded Madrasa, Muslims r very dharmic n rooted but have u ever surprised there is no Hindu education board in any state.

No govt spends a single penny of Gurukul education where Hindu kids can learn Hindu religion.

Answer of all these questions lies into 2 most dangerous articles of Indian constitution –

Article 28 n 30

Article 28 says: No religious education can be given in any govt or govt aided school.

Any school that takes any support from govt like fund, tax exemption, land rebate or even Govt syllabus or govt certification like CBSE

then that school will be called govt aided school

so by this logic 99.99% schools of India comes under ambit of article 28

So this article put religious education of all religions in lock up.

No religious education can be given in any school.

Simple ? Fair for all

Now comes the draconian Article 30 of Indian constitution

Article 30 says :

1. All minorities shall have right to establish and administer educational inst of their choice

2. State shall not, in granting aid to educational inst, discriminate against any educational institution on ground that it is under management of a minority

Article 28 and 30 (Thread)

In India – Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Bodh come under minority

In simple words, article 28 will not apply on Minorities

In Article 28 they put all govt supported religious education into cage

In Article 30 they secretly took out Muslim, Christian etc out from cage

But they left Hindu religious education dying in cage n Hindu still dying in cage.

So if we take article 28 n 30 together –

Muslim, Christian, Sikh etc religious education can be given in Govt n Govt aided school but Hindu religious school cant be given

Govt can fund Madarsa, Xtian school but Govt cant fund Gurukul.

That’s why every state has madarsa board but not Gurukul Board coz constitution doesn’t allow it.

That’s why Bible, Quran can be taught in school but Gita can never be taught in any Govt or Govt aided school

One more interesting thing – Which school will be called Majority n which Minority school ?

Court answered it

Any school That is owned by Hindu will be called Majority school n any school owned by Muslim or Christian will be called Minority school

whether they r teaching religious education or not, or there r minority students or not

Suppose Ram, Abdul and Michael starts a private school affiliated by CBSE.

All three teaching same subject, same syllabus and all three have 100% Hindu students, So what will Happen ?

Abdul school and Michael’s school will be called Minority school and they are eligible for all benefits mentioned in article 30

That means Ram has to follow all Govt guidelines (RTE) but Abdul and Michael not required to do.

Beauty of Indian constitution

Ram cant teach Bhagavad Gita in his school but Abdul n Michael can teach Quran n Bible though there r 100% Hindu students

That’s why Bible is taught in most of convent school

That also mean Ram has to keep reserve 25% seats under RTE but its not applicable to Abdul n Michael

Ram has to follow all govt guidelines like:

selection of principal, educational criteria of teachers, 25% seats for quota, fee structure, infrastructure

but Michael and Abdul not required to do this.

Check this table Table credit : Sanjeev Nayyar, Hariprasad Nellitheertha

Article 28 and 30 (Thread)

That’s why a Hindu cant run a school

In India u will find most of the good schools r owned by Muslims, Christians, Sikh

26th Jan 1950 was not Republic day for Bharat, It was slavery day for Hindu civilization

The day they officially destroyed Hindu education via constitution

they gave entire education system to Minorities.

Civilizations are made n destroyed by education system that why invaders destroyed first our Universities

There r 200 countries in world but there is not a single country that have such a dangerous anti majority rules.

Due to religious education a Muslim is still Muslim, A Christian is still a Christian

but Hindu has become Hindu hater and woke Hindu and if this article 28/30 is not removed, with in 20-30 years Hinduism will vanish in India due to absence of civilizational knowledge.

Govt must abolish this article 28 n 30 of Indian constitution so that majority n minority both can get equal rights to thrive in India.

But wait a minute

story of this constitutional partiality among majority Hindu and minority doesn’t end only at education.

Hindus cud have still survived this partially

Hindu still cud have made best Hindu schools of world without any Govt support If their temples were free

Coz temple have so much money But Govt didn’t stop at article 30 only

Govt captured Hindu’s temples also by HRCE act 1951

Article 28 and 30 (Thread)

Now Hindu neither have state support on Hindu education nor they can get funding from temples.

In India Mosque, Church r free but temple is not

Minority religious education allowed but Hindu education not thats why ur kid doesnt know anything abt Ramayana n Mahabharat

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