Biden expresses to have Indian Prime Minister’s autograph.


During the Quad meeting, President Joe Biden of the United States expressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he was confronted with a formidable challenge arising from an overwhelming flood of requests made by distinguished individuals to participate in PM Modi’s forthcoming event. In addition, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of Australia emphasized that despite the availability of a reception venue in Sydney with a maximum capacity of 20,000 attendees, he regrettably remained unable to accommodate the volume of requests he was receiving. Notably, according to undisclosed sources, President Biden  suggested to PM Modi that he should obtain the Indian Prime Minister’s autograph.


In simple term

During the Quad meeting, US President Joe Biden told PM Modi that he facing a challenge because of a deluge of requests from prominent citizens to attend the event of PM Modi. Australian PM Anthony Albanese also added that there is a capacity of 20,000 for the Community reception in Sydney but he is still not able to accommodate the requests he is getting. Joe Biden told PM Modi that he should be getting PM Modi’s autograph: Sources


Joe Biden to PM Modi :


“You are demonstrating that democracies matter. You are causing me a real problem. Next month we have a dinner for you in Washington & everyone in USA wants to come. I have run out of tickets. You think I am kidding. Ask my team. I am getting phone calls from people I have never heard of before. Everyone from movie actors to relatives. You are too popular”

Indian Prime Minister's autograph

“Mr Prime Minister, you have made a significant impact on everything, including what we are doing in QUAD. You also made a fundamental shift in climate. You have influence in Indo-Pacific & you’re making a difference.”

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