Congress, Hindu and Muslim (Thread)

Congress, Hindu and Muslim (Thread)

Congress, Hindu and Muslim (Thread)

Analysis on why Congress wants to ban Hindu organization – Bajrang Dal

Read this spin chilling thread

If u try to analyse this in context of Karnataka election then u wont understand it but if u take it as element in……


in last 70 years Congress decisions. U will understand whole game.

Congress, Hindu and Muslim (Thread)


From last 70 years, Congress kept making laws, regulations, articles that weaken Hindus n strengthen Muslims by

– Economically

– Socially

– Culturally

– Physically

Here is the Big Game

Part 1 : How Congress weakened Hindus economically n strengthen Muslims

1. Congress brought HRCE act 1951 and captured all temples n temple money but never touched Mosque money. Today temple money that sud be exclusively used for Hindus goes to govt n r used for secular work

2. Congress then brought minority commision act in 1992 n declared Muslims as minority. They also started Minority ministry in 2005 and started to spend huge money of taxpayers on minority welfares and scholarship


while technically there can’t be any majority minority in secular country


3. Congress even didn’t stop here and brought Waqf Act in 1995 n gave unlimited powers to Muslims for waqf land. Today Waqf is second largest land owner in India

4. Right to education 2004 : It put extra financial burdens on school owners but minority

school owners are exempted from these burdens.


Halal money : Never try to stop this jiziya tax on Hindus

So by this Congress kept imposing tax on Hindu temples, schools n kept giving extra benefits to Muslim from last 70 years

Part 2 : How Congress weakened Hindus Socially n strengthen Muslims

Article 25 : Congress brought this article and allowed religious conversion. Congress knew that it will weaken Hindus n strengthen Abrahamic.

Due to this most of NE part has converted to Christianity

BJP govts brought anti religious conversion law in Karnataka. Congress promised to repeal it.

Reservation : It was only for 10 years but Congress kept increasing it n divided Hindu society.

In Karnataka congress has promised Muslims to give them 6% reservation

Hindu code bill 1956 – Congress brought special marriage, adoption, dowry, inheritance law only for Hindus but didn’t touch muslim laws

Today Polygamy is allowed in Muslim but not in Hindu

Min marriage age in Hindu is 18 n 12 (puberty) for Mslm girls

Congress even went against Supreme court in Shah Bano triple talaq case and change supreme court decision

Congress always said there is no Love Jehad in India

SC/ST act : To further divide Hindu society Congress made most draconian SC/ST act

Part 3 : How Congress weakened Hindus Culturally n strengthen Muslims

Biggest blow that Hindu faced was on Cultural front

Macaulay Education and Article 28/30 : By inserting these articles in constitution banned hindu education completely in govt affiliated schools

While on other side they allowed govt funded madarasa education and missionary convent school.

Due to this today Hindu is completely uprooted from their culture while Muslims r strongly rooted in their culture

Apart from Congress also brought POW act in 1992 n snatched legal rights from hindu for their 40000 temples that r under control of some mosque

In 2007 Congress gave affidavit in SC n said Ram is imaginary character

In 2009, Congress coined Saffron terrorism term

Congress made a Maulana as first education minister of India in 1950 and removed Hindu Kings history and glorified mughals, added Arya Dravid theory

Congress didn’t change name of cities n street that were on name of Mslm invaders n even opposed if some other tried to

Part 4 : How Congress weakened Hindus economically n strengthen Physically

Physically meaning here related to street power

Congress never allowed Hindus to build their street power but allowed Mslms to build their street power

Supported PFI, took back case on them in Karnataka

allow them to carry out March in rajasthan

But at same time continuous tried to ban RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal

Even brought Communal violence Bill in 2010 to destroy these orgs and after uproar it was taken back

Promise of banning of Bajrang Dal is part of same 70 year game

So if we analyse 70 years of event we can say Congress slowly slowly n cleverly brought such laws, rules, regulations that kept weakening Hindus n strengthen Mslm

Everyone must ask these questions to Congress why they brought these one sided laws against Hindus

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