Controversy of Wrestlers and WFI (Explained) By starboy2079


Controversy of Wrestlers and WFI (Explained)


In this entire controversy, there are 4 sides :


1. Brij Bhushan Singh – President of Wrestling Fed of India

2. Few prominent protesting wrestlers – Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik

3. Deependra Huda

4. Vultures

– In 2011, elections happened for President post of Wrestling Fed of India (WFI)


– J&K based wrestler Dushyant Sharma won n became President


– Haryana Wrestling Fed challenged this election in Delhi high court n won the case court asked for re election

– Congress leader Deepender Huda wanted to become President of WFI


– BBS Singh also decided to fight election, that time he was in Samajwadi party


– He asked Mulayam SIngh for help, Mulayam talked to Ahmed Patel. That time Congress was in Power with support of SP

– Ahmed Patel asked Deependra Huda to withdraw n with heavy heart he withdrew n BB Singh Became President of WFI in 2012


– President post is for 4 years, He won in 2015 and 2019 also. In 2014, He again joined BJP n BJP also won in center so he got support from BJP

– BB Singh is old BJP member, He was involved in Ram Mandir movement also n first one who was arrested by CBI in Babri demolition case. 2008-14 he was with SP


– Deepender Huda became President of Haryana Wrestling Fed in 2011, 2015 and 2019

BB Singh became most successful President of WFI in Indian history. Indians won many medals in his tenure, it strengthened his position more in WFI but most of medals were won by Haryana wrestlers


– Tussle between wrestlers for selection is not new in Indian wrestling

– One of most famous case happened in 2016, between Sushil Kumar and Narsingh Yadav. Sushil was olympic medalist n he wants to play in Rio Olympic but WFI wanted to sent Narsingh. Sushil was from Haryana n Narsingh from UP.


Matter reached to High Court, court gave judgement

in favour of Narsingh


But before He cud go, he failed in dope test. He blamed Sushil kumar and Haryana fed adulterated his food.


– In 2020, one more controversy happened when Vinesh Phogat was suspended when she displayed her sponsor logo on her dress in place of indian logo

at Tokyo olympic. She also denied to stay with other wrestlers. She cud not win medal


– Dispute between WFI n Haryana wrestlers increased when WFI brought new selections rules in Nov 2021

According to new rules, each n every wrestler irrespective for medal holder or not

they have to play nationals n have to go via trials. WFI also fixed quota of every state. It was heavily opposed by Haryana federation but WFI didn’t retreat


– An open fight happened between BB singh and Haryana Federation in June 2022 n WFI dissolved Haryana Federation n

removed Deepender Huda from post of President of Haryana Fed n appointed Rohtas as new president.


– On other side Bajrang, Vinesh and Sakshi were opposing new selection rules and they didn’t participate in National Games at Gujarat and Selection trial at New Delhi in Dec



– Dec 2022, WFI cleared that those who participated in selection trial will only be considered for Asian games that means game over for bajrang, Vinesh and Sakshi


– Jan 2023, They started protest against BB Singh on Jantar Mantar. Their initial allegations were working style

of BB Singh but this sexual harassment angle came later


– Govt appointed committee n they stopped their protest


– Next election of President of WFI were scheduled on May 2023. No one can become President more than 3 times so Huda was sure that this he vud become

But later he got to know that BB Singh is planning to promote his son for President post


– Bajrang, Vinesh n Sakshi wanted to play Asian games without selection trial, Huda wanted to become President n common enemy was BB Singh so both joined hands

– April 2023 they started protest again against BB Singh. In their previous protest their main allegations were rude behaviour n misconduct of BB Singh but this time they completely changed their planning n started to speak only abt Sexual harassment

– Huda’s plan is to use this case and become next president of WFI that he cud not become in 2012


– Govt cancelled elections of May 2023 n formed an ad hoc committee


– Now here comes the entry of Vultures


– Karnataka elections going on, Rajasthan n MP elections r coming n

Haryana election r next year. So vultures thought to use this opportunity against BJP


– A tool kit was prepared to use this case at following points

1. Portray BJP as anti woman

2. Portray BJP as anti Jat

3. Create rift between Jat and Rajput

4. Divide Hindus

– Jat r imp group in Rajasthan n Haryana. BJP successfully unit all hindus in 2014, 2019. Plan is to divide Hindus


– Truth is who r those 7 women who were harassed no one knows


– Priyanka Vadra who didn’t take stand for her own party member of Assam against BV Srinivas reached

there to support women.


– Pro Congress Jat and Rajput group suddenly started to abuse n threaten Modi


Currently its difficult to predict but it shows that Vulture will use this to create caste divide in India specially between Jat and Rajput


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