Controversy of Wrestlers and WFI (Explained) Part 2 : Sexual Harassment Charges


Controversy of Wrestlers and WFI (Explained)

Part 2 : Sexual Harassment Charges

7 wrestlers have accused that WFI President Brij Bhushan Singh has sexually harassed me.

This thread will explore

– What r those charges ?

– timing

– harassment or misuse of women laws ?

In Jan 23


When wrestlers accused BB Singh for sexual harassment, Sports ministry constituted a 6 members oversight committee to investigate the sexual harassment charges n give report in 4+2 weeks


Mary Kom was head of that committee

They talked to all victim wrestlers took their statement with videography n submitted their report to Sports ministry in first week of April.


Govt still has not disclosed that report but on 13th April 23 Economics times published an article through info received by sources n disclose some findings of that report

This thread is based on that article. Here r details of all allegations made on BB Singh by wrestlers n their reply to oversight committee

Lets explore


Allegation No 1


Vinesh : BB Singh touched me inappropriately in 2015 at Turkey

Finding : She didn’t go to Turkey in 2015

later she said it happened in Mongolia 2016


But in 2018 in a live interview she said publicly that in her entire life she never faced any sexual harassment

Allegation No 2


Sakshi : BB Singh hugged me in 2015 n when I felt discomfort then he said he hugged me as father


But there r lot of pics available on net where she cud be seen completely comfortable with him

Allegation No 3

Wrestler : BB Singh asked my mobile number

But in investigation it was found he never called her

Allegation No 4

BB Singh put hand on my shoulder when he was clicking photo

Truth : But she cud not give any such photo

Allegation No 5


Female Physio : She was asked by Brij Bhushan to give him massage to treat his back pain last year in Bulgaria during a competition


But she said to commettiee that he just asked for pain killer

There must be some more allegations also and they will come out when report will come out. This thread is not to defend some one or prove someone guilty.

But one big question is :


– he asked my mobile number in 2014

– He sent me DM in 2012

– He put hand on my shoulder in 2010

Are this all come under sexual harassment if someone say this in 2023 n goes for police complaint ?

legal answer is Yes

After Nirbhaya case in New Delhi, Central govt made sexual harassment laws very draconian n brought some new laws

These laws r called Nirbhaya Act, also known as Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013


– These laws r not gender neutral

– were made in pressure n with consultation of Feminist

– gives unlimited power to females

– almost every interaction between male n female comes sexual harassment

She can file case at any time. So suppose u sent a DM to a female in 2012 n she thinks in 2023 u was stalking to her she can file complaint in 2023

– Onus will be on male to prove he is innocent not on female

– Police are bound to investigate n file the case

These laws were made under pressure of feminist n wont be surprise if role of Soros funded NGOs appears


main purpose was to stop harassment of females n give them justice but this is also truth that lot of misuse have been reported of these laws n mostly feminist

used these laws

If we go be these laws n female want, legally all males of India can be booked under sexual harassment right now


Case of wrestler vs WFI President

-is related to actual harassment


– misuse of existing sexual harassment laws


This angle sud also be explored

Govt sud also amend these laws an complaint period sud be made time bound


These laws already have destroyed lives of lot of males n families.


In current form these laws r very very draconian and anti male.


ET article link :…









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