Dark side of Free electricity (Explained) by Starboy2079


Dark side of Free electricity (Explained


Recently Karnataka Congress declared they’ll give 200 unit free electricity if comes in power. They said they already giving 100 unit free in Rajasthan


This thread will expose the price Rajasthan paying for free electricity

Rajasthan also promised free electricity but started to fulfill this after 4 years when they started to give 50 unit free n this year 100 unit free


But nothing is free


Free electricity means govt have to pay on behalf of consumer

N politicians don’t pay from their pocket

There r only 2 source of revenue for govt

Revenue reciept: tax collection

Capital reciept: loan n selling govt asset


So basically when govt gives u sth free in ur one pocket, they takes u only from ur other pocket


Election freebies r biggest fraud


N same happened in Rajasthan

As Rajasthan govt made 100 unit free to consumes


They increased price for commercial electricity


And now this is seriously affecting industry of Rajasthan


Rajasthan losing compititive edge with neighbour states

Check commercial electricity price in Rajasthan n neighbour states


Delhi’s AAP also did exactly same


Now imagine if Congress do same in Karnataka what will happen?


Karnataka lose compititive edge from Maharashtra, Telangana, TN


Industries will go outside of Karnataka

  • ­
  • And for free electricity Karnataka people will lose jobs

This is one more dark side of free electricity


Govt not paying money to electricity companies that they supposed to pay on behalf of consumers


Electricity companies also need to pay to their vendors

So they r taking loan to pay to vendors


N loan to pay that loan n one day when debt bubble will blast then boom


Same thing that happening pakistan today. Ur kids will pay 2 time cost for free electricity that u r getting today


Voters sud keep these things also in mind.

If a leader ask votes on name of only freebies


That means

He will take Rs 100 from you

Will give back Rs 15 to you as freebies

And put Rs 85 in his pocket


Never vote on Freebies

Check their vision for capital expenditures n social schemes both

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