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This thread is based on some facts n some assumptions. This thread doesn’t prove anything nor deny anything. It will just put facts n details n leave the judgement on readers.

1743, Frankfurt, Germany

A goldsmith Amschel Moses Bauer opens a coin shop n above his door he hangs a sign of Roman eagle on a red shield. The shop became known as Red Shield

He had a very intelligent son, Meyer Amschel Bauer His father taught him about money lending business

Deep State


Though people r using this word from long time but it came into mainstream by Donald Trump when he continuously said that there is shadow govt behind the elected govt that kept interfering in his work.


This concept came popular in India by Kashmir Files movie

where they used the word “System” for it.

Many people believe that Deep State is a group of world’s most powerful wealthy Corporate (Mostly from US n Europe) families, Politicians, Media persons, CIA officials, Professors, Activist n top of them is Bankers

People say that they decide secretly

– Policies of future

– How to control govts so that they can get their work done

– How to establish one world govt, control n dominant world

So according to theory there is an unelected global govt that controls all elected govt of world

Apart from Deep State, they r also known as The Globalist, Elites, Anglo American Establishment, NWO n many other names


Their agenda is

– New world over of One world govt

– To control n dominant all people

Lets try to check is their any substence or its just a conspiracy theory

Lets investigate on following points :


1. Since USA is most powerful n control whole world so if any group control USA will control whole world. Is there any such people is USA ?

2. R they work in organised manner ?

3. Do they have any world agenda ?

We believe that US is democratic country n President elected by public is supreme authority but when we investigated we actually found many loopholes that says US democracy can easily be hijacked by elites. Prominently three are :

1. Federal Reserve

2. CFR

3. CIA

1. Federal Reserve that is central bank of USA like RBI in India is actually a private body. It prints money for USA n takes interest from US govt


It was started by JACOB SCHIFF (Friend of Rothschind), BERNARD BARUCH and German banker WARBURG BROTHERS in 1913 n it was planned at secret meeting at Jekyll island in 1911.


2. Council of Foreign Relations : Established in 1921, private think tank consist of US corporates, Leaders, Media persons, CIA etc. They discuss international issues


3. CIA : Its autonomous American secret agency that works for security of America. I m not saying Trump has said that CIA didnt use to listen him n they used to work under deep state.


So three prime org of USA

1. Fed : Finance

2. CRF : Foreign Policy

3. CIA : Security


r not under democratically elected govt but in private hands.

People who r member of these org can easily control US govt n via them whole world so it gives an idea that there is an elite group that is more powerful than elected govt.

Now question 2 : Do they work in organised manner ?

N when I did research, I found 3 groups

There vud be many but I found 3 groups of wealthy elites. They meet regularly. Their meetings r kept secret n details r not shared. These 3 groups r:


1. CFR

2. Bilderberg

3. Trilateral Commision


CFR was founded in 1921 by Warburg brothers same who founded Fed reserve.

Its group of wealthy US elites n membership is by invitation only. What they discuss we don’t know. Many of US presidents were their members.


2. Bilderberg : This group was founded by 2 most wealth corporate Rothschild n Rockefeller in 1954 at Bilderberg, Holland.

Membership is by invitation only n they have elites of US n Europe. When their meeting happens all outsiders r asked to leave. Meetings kept secret.


3. Trilateral Commision : Trilateral Commission (TC) is set up to foster cooperation between the US, Europe, and Japan.

CFR Chairman David Rockefeller had proposed its creation at the 1972 Bilderberg meeting. Columbia professor Zbigniew Brzezinski, organizes the TC, recruiting 300 elites from finance, business, politics, and media.


Its also by invitation only n secretive group.

So till now we have established the facts :


– There is group of wealthy elites

– They meet, talk, discuss regularly


Do they have any world agenda that supersedes democratically elected govts ?

And here we also found 3 orgs that actually do this n they r :

1. World Bank

2. IMF

3. WEF


All 3 r private bodies

All 3 r operated by same people who r part of CFR, BB, TLC

All three prepare agenda for world that is followed by all elected govt of world.

What is their agenda ?


I dont know but let me ask u a question. Suppose u r part of these powerful groups n u want to control whole world then how u will do ?


1. Depopulation : less is always easy to control n how can u achieve it ?

– Stop people producing babies

destroy family system by feminism, Live in

– by promoting abortion

– by promoting LGBTQ

– wars, virus, disease

– by destroying fertility of women


2. Mind control : By controlling education

– by controlling media of all type

– By controlling movies n TV

– AI

– wokism

3. Surveillance

– by making everything digital, U can keep surveillance on everyone

– One world, one govt, one race


I don’t say these r the agenda of Globalist. I leave on u to find these things r happening around u or not.

How they work


Setting the agenda : Think tank CFR, BB, TLC decide the future agenda


Execution : It is taken care by CIA, Their institutions, Media and their human assets. Their HA can be leader, Bureaucrat, Judge, Lawyer of ur country


Financing : By their Foundation (NGOs)

At the end : 2 questions


How Big is Deep state : Very very big, they own everything. All media, all pharma, defence arms, oil, Universities


How Deep is deep state : Very very deep. Probably many PM, President, Opposition Leader, Judge, Police r their asset.

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