IAS Tina Dabi Resettles Hindu Refugees After Demolition, Protests Withdrawn



IAS officer Tina Dabi, who took the decision to demolish the houses of Hindu refugees from Pakistan, has given her assurance to resettle them in a new location within a week. As a result, the protests against the demolition have been withdrawn.


Hindu refugees


On Thursday, May 18, 2018, a government official named Tina Dabi, who holds the position of IAS (Indian Administrative Service), organized a meeting with representatives of Hindu refugees from Pakistan. These refugees had their houses demolished based on an order issued by Tina Dabi on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. The meeting took place in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, and the District Collector and Magistrate of that district assured the aggrieved Hindus that they would be resettled in another location within a week. Tina Dabi shared this information with the media during a press interaction after the meeting. As a result of this assurance from the District Collector, the refugees, who had been conducting a sit-in protest outside the collector’s office, decided to end their protests.


Due to the growing controversy surrounding the bulldozer action, District Collector Tina Dabi held a meeting with Hindu refugees from Pakistan today. In the meeting, she explained her position to them and assured them that they would be resettled in alternative locations. Following this, the refugees announced the conclusion of their protest.


Tina Dabi informed the media that the land on which the alleged encroachment took place had either been previously allocated by the UIT (Urban Improvement Trust) or fell within the catchment area. She stated, “We explained to those people that if they settled in that area, they would face difficulties in the future. However, they did not agree, which is why the encroachment was removed on Tuesday.”


District Collector Tina Dabi stated that the UIT would provide the refugees with a new location within a week, as per their demand, ensuring no inconvenience to them or the local residents. She mentioned, “Furthermore, a team will be formed to conduct a survey. During the process of removing encroachments, all the affected families of Hindu refugees from Pakistan, whose shelters were demolished, will be provided with free temporary accommodation and meals. Those who have already acquired citizenship will be allocated land. The remaining individuals will receive land allocation after obtaining citizenship.”


Following the orders from Jaisalmer Collector Tina Dabi, the UIT, with the assistance of the police, used bulldozers to demolish the shelters of Hindu refugees from Pakistan. Consequently, the refugees were left without homes and had to endure living under the open sky. Subsequently, Tina Dabi faced public criticism and outrage on social media.

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