Israel – Palestine Conflict (Explained) Part – 1


Israel – Palestine Conflict (Explained)

If u dont know about it then no worry, In this thread you will know every info of last 4000 years in just next 2 minutes in most simplistic language.


Information that i am going to share is very exclusive.

You wont find it anywhere.

Israel - Palestine Conflict (Explained)


The area that is today called levant region where modern Israel and Palestine is situated used to be called Cannan 4000 years ago.


It was meeting point of 3 continents n 3 ancient civilizations (Egypt, Greek, Mesopotamia)


A place there Jerusalem is going to be most important place

Israel - Palestine Conflict (Explained)

4000 years ago


According to Hebrew Bible, God sent Abraham to settle at Cannas.


Abraham settled at Jerusalem, he got 2 sons – Isaac and Ismail



Isaac will start Jew n Christianity lineage

Ismail will start Islamic lineage

Isaac gets a son – Jacob

Jacobe has another name – Israel


All descendents of Jacob will be called Israelites and they will start a religion – Jew


Israelites has captured Cannas. Jacob had 12 sons. He divided Israel in 12 parts.


All his 12 sons will starts 12 tribes (bloodlines) of jews.

Israel - Palestine Conflict (Explained)

3000 years ago


Jebusites will capture Jerusalem but David who belongs to Judah bloodline will capture again Jerusalem n establish jew rules there.


Jews will rule there some time then some times other tribes.

Imp time will come when Polytheist Roman will capture Israel in 50 BC

2000 years ago.


There used to be a Philistine tribe in southern part that had rivalry with Israelite n that will go extinct in 300 CE. Roman will change the name from Israel to Palestine.


10 KM from Jerusalem, Jesus Christ will born in a Jew family (Judah bloodline).

He will be crucified by Jews. His followers will start a new religion – Christianity n from there Christian rule will start in Palestine (Israel)


Conflict will start between Jews n Christian. Jews will leave that area n go to other areas.

1400 years ago (620 CE)


Prophet Muhammad has born at Mecca that is south to Palestine. Muslims believe that Muhammad was miraculously transported one night from Mecca to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,


whereupon he ascended to Heaven to meet previous prophets of Islam

After that Muslim kings will attack on Jerusalem and now next 1400 years, most of time It will be under islamic rulership.


Now lets straight go to 1750 CE


Now Christianity has spread all over Europe and Islam in middle east. Jews don’t have any homeland they’re scatteredIsrael - Palestine Conflict (Explained)

all over world


They face discrimination from Church.


Bible n quran don’t allow lending money but Jews dont have such religious boundation.


World is going through now mercantile revolution and industrial revolution. Jews take this opportunity n they start money lending business

And the most imp of them is a Germany based jew Mayer Amschel Rothschild.


He starts banking, soon he acquire Bank of England. He n his other friends make lot of money via banking business.


Later his 5 sons will start banking in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Naples

1776, Bavaria (Germany)


Rothschild meets Jewish Professor Adam Weishaupt n by his money Weishaupt starts a secret society Illuminati.


He recruits wealthy elites to his society.

Illuminati will play very imp role in almost every event happened after that till now.

Israel - Palestine Conflict (Explained)

Rotschild family will finance American revolution (1778), French revolution (1789), British Nepolean wad (1815), Carl Marx (1850)

Now lets go straightaway to 1897

Now world has changed a lot.

Kingdom has gone in many countries, democracy has come.


1897, Basel (Switzerland)

Now Rothschild family is most wealthy family of planet. Entire flow of money n Banking of world is controlled by Jews. They have good contacts with all govts n leaders.

First Jew Congress is organised at Basel where 200 wealthy Jew society participate

A resolution is taken to get back their homeland Israel that they lost 2000 years ago.


Middle east is currently ruled by Muslim Ottoman empire that includes entire middle east arab area (Except Iran)


Their old Israel is now home of Arabs. Jerusalem is under Ottoman control.

Israel - Palestine Conflict (Explained)

1917 Europe


N they get this opportunity in 1917.

First world war is going on.


One side there is Britain, France, Italy, Russia

Other side Germany, Austro Hungary, Ottoman

Germany is fighting bravely then a deal occurs between British n Jews

Deal is Jews will convince USA to help Britain in war n in return Britain will give them Israel.


Bur Britain plays double game, they make similar deal with Arabs also in which Arab will support British n will revolt against Ottoman n Britain will give them Arab land

Israel - Palestine Conflict (Explained)

Jews convince USA to enter in war from British side n Arab revolt against Ottoman.


British alliance win the war.


Britain n french captured Ottoman kingdom n divide equally (Iraq, saudi arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey etc)


Later they all will revolt n will become free.

Now comes to Palestine since British had promised to both Jews n Arab so both demand their country.


British ditched both and neither give it to jew nor arab n makes it British colony n calls it Mandate Palestine

Israel - Palestine Conflict (Explained)

Meanwhile Jews all around the world start to migrate to Palestine.


By 1914, Population of Arab was 7 lac n Jews 50,000


Migration starts rapidly in second world war n by 1940 there r now 4.5 lac Jews while Arab is almost same.



Second world war is over now.

Most of the country that were colony of British has got independence now.


Revolt against Britain is going on in Mandate Palestine also by both Jews n Arabs.

Jews now have very influential position in Europe n USA

Nov 1947


Britain decides to quite mandate Palestine n hand over it to UNO.


UNO decides to divide mandate Palestine into three parts :


One parts go to Jews – Israel

One parts go to Arab – Palestine

N considering its religious significance Jerusalem is kept under UNO control

Israel - Palestine Conflict (Explained)

14 May 1948 – Israel is born


Finally after 2000 years, Jews got back their Israel. Israel is declared a new country.


But just after few hours 6 powerful countries attacks on israel from all directions

Thread by starboy2079

what happens next……….

Part -2

Israel – Palestine Conflict

(Explained) Part – 2


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