Manipur Violence (News thread)


Manipur Violence (News thread)

Manipur have 3 major ethnical groups

Meitei who mostly follow Hinduism – 50%

Naga and Kuki – 35-40% who mostly follow Christianity

If we religion wise, Manipur have
Hindus 40%
Christian 45%
Muslim 7%

All tentative data

The current ongoing violence at Manipur is by Christian Naga and Kuki against Hindu Meitei


Meitei r native citizen of Manipur and in 1949 when Manipur was unified in India then GOI promised that they will preserve their ethnicity

At 1949 Meitei were 64% in Manipur but now they have been reduced to less than 50%

So for that Meitei approached to Imphal high court to provide them reservation in ST catagory n court ruled in favour of them n asked govt to make a committee n give them reservation in ST

Naga n Kuki opposed this it will give right to Meitei to buy land in hill area though govt said rights of all tribes will be preserved.


Currently Meitei r mostly in Imphal vally that is 10% and Naga n Kuki dominates hill n villages

N then this reservation Issue came


Yesterday ATSUM a Naga n Kuki student organisation carried out protest rally n then violence started after this rally


There r videos viral where rioters can be seen equipped with AK47, i can’t confirm their authenticity at this moment

Army has been deployed in Manipur n shoot n sight orders have been issued in few areas


Amit Shah closely monitoring situation


  1. Currently there is BJP govt n Biren Singh is CM




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