PFI and Love Jehad (Thread)


PFI and Love Jehad (Thread)


Last year Amar Ujala published a full report on How PFI was carrying out Love Jehad in an organised way

PFI started in 2006 in Kerala n then spread into Karnataka n other states

Vision of PFI was to convert India into Islamic nation by 2047

And one of tool that they were using for their Vision 2047 was Love Jehad that was part of womb jehad.

PFI used to give money, shop n home to those Mslm boys who marry with Hindu girls n convert them to Islam

N they were getting fund from middle east for this.

PFI used to recruit Mslm boys from all over India

– They were sent to Kerala training centre for training of LJ

– there they used to be trained how to spot Hindu girls, how to win their trust, how to make them fell in love

– They were also provided fake hindu ID cards

PFI also used to give them money.

There is no official number, how many girls they trapped n converted them into Islam

On 22 Sep 2022, NIA with other probe agencies conducted a large-scale midnight operation termed “Operation Octopus” for crackdown on PFI

This operation was planned by Ajit Doval n monitored by Amit Shah n senior officers

After crackdown BJP govt banned them n successfully defended that ban in tribunal also n saved country from a big danger

It’s very unfortunate Congress is comparing PFI with Hindu org Bajrang Dal and other side taking support from SDPI that is part of PFI

Congress also accused of sympathizer of PFI by BJP

Congress ecosystem also opposing movie Kerala files that is based on same topic

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