Sensational news coming from Punjab


Sensational news coming from Punjab


– A female reporter @BhawanaKishore went Ludhiana to ask questions to Arvind Kejriwal

– A police officer without name badge came to her n said that ur car hit an rickshaw

– reporter was sitting on back seat still a male police took her

Sensational news coming from Punjab


– she was once untraceable from 7 hours, no one is aware of the place she is

– currently information coming that she has been arrested

1. How a pessenger who is no longer on driver seat can be arrested in street rage case ?

2. How can a male officer arrest a female

3. How can a woman be detained after sunset?

4. How can police switch off her phone?

5. Why information was not given to her family

Prima facie it’s completely look case of political revenge by AAP govt

NHRC, woman commission, Punjab High court, editors guuld must take sue moto cognizance of this case

Punjab Police has arrested her in SC/ST act case

SC/ST act have some very draconian provisions that gives many powers to police to arrest anyone

Trust me if all political parties started this vedanta politics then entire media of India can be put in Jail


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