Soros, Protest and Grandma (Thread)


Soros, Protest and Grandma (Thread)


Answer these questions


1. Is head of ur state (PM, President) is not in line of USA ?

2. Has any major protest happened in ur country?

3. Was an old lady/grandma portrayed as icon by Western media ?


Then most probably…..

Soros, Protest and Grandma

That protest was scripted by George Soros and ur country is under regime change operation by Deep State


If u don’t believe then check this

Soros, Protest and Grandma (Thread)



A regime change protest happened in Ukrain in 2004 that is better famous by name Orange Revolution

It was against Ukraine President Victor Yanujovych

An old lady Paraska Korolyuck was portrayed as main icon of this protest by Western mediaSoros, Protest and Grandma

She lead the protest, n media called her Baba Korolyuck

Baba means grandma

Yanujovych was Pro Russia leader and by this revolution he was removed n Pro US n pro NATO leader Yushchenko became President



Exactly same design was used in 2020 Belarus protest against President Alexander Lukashenko.

A 73 year old lady Nina Baginskaya was portrayed as main icon of this protest by Western media

She was also named Grandma Nina.

Soros, Protest and Grandma

Alexander Lukashenko is also Pro Russia and friend of Putin

He clearly said that US and NATO members were behind this regime change operation


Same thing happened in 2019 Anti China protest at Hongkong

An old lady Alexandra Wong was portrayed as main icon n West media called her Grandma wong

Soros, Protest and Grandma


Same thing in 2020 Anti CAA protest at India

An old lady Bilkish Dadi (Dadi means grandma) was portrayed as main icon of protest.

Interestingly George Soros has already said that he has put separate fund to remove Putin, Xinping and Modi

Soros, Protest and Grandma

In 2004 Orange Revolution Baba Korolyuck played very imp role to mobilize crowd n sympathy for protesters n from here Soros gang got idea to use grandma as icon of protest

there r many more such cases studies

Be careful of Grandma protest propaganda in ur country


Soros, Protest and Grandma

News is coming that thousands of Grandmas will join wrestlers protest

Seems like tool kit mail has been recieved

Soros, Protest and Grandma

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