Starbucks started their woke agenda in India



Coffee is their other product

Main product of Starbucks is wokeness

Supporting LGBTQ, Trans activism, Same Sex marriage, immigrants is part of corporate philosophy of Starbucks

Now they started their woke agenda in India.


When same sex marriage case was going on in US Supreme Court

They run exactly same advertising caimpaign in support of same sex

And later American Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage in all over USA in 2015


They tried same in all countries and faced backlash in many countries


India sud also give them same treatment if they spread their woke agenda here.


When Trump banned immigrants then to oppose it Starbucks declared they would hire 10000 immigrants

Don’t surprise if tomorrow Starbucks India also declare to hire Rohingya

Starbucks is owned by a Jewish businessman Howard Schultz and in India I think they r in JV with Tata



Pathetic Starbucks ad

Where they r promoting sex change surgery

Arpit becomes Arpita by sex change surgery n hindu family celebrates it


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