The Mockingbirds (Thread)

The Mockingbirds

The Mockingbirds (Thread)

The Mockingbirds

Whatever u r doing and wherever u live, I want u to spare 5 mins n read this thread

Coz each n everyone becomes a daily victim of CIA’s Operation Mockingbird

This thread will change ur life for forever abt how do u interpret news

The Mockingbirds

To understand this thread, u need to understand two concepts:


1. Public opinion: how do we make opinion about world, country, politics, religion, sports etc ?

Trump, Biden, Putin, Ukraine, Modi Nationalism, Secularism, open borders, politically correct

Opinion Opinion Opinion

We receive information about them from media n we form opinion

So media has power to shape public opinion

Now the second concept

2. Propaganda: Propaganda is exaggerated, false or half information with an agenda to manipulate public opinion So the media can share truth n shape public opinion in positive way

And also media can run propagnda n manipulate public opinion as per agenda

Honest media is good for society

Sold out media is bad for society

Now let’s start thread Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird was a covert CIA Operation that started in early 50s, it’s purpose was to change public opinion by controlling media

For that

CIA hired 400 journalists from different media

– some of them were picked from Universities

– some were picked from media houses


CIA groomed them, gave them money, gave them awards


Their work was to fool their readers to change public opinion

On name of honest journalism they used to run CIA agenda

Suppose they want to change public opinion on US policy on Vietnam then these journalist vud share Such stories.


CIA is US secret agency which concentrates on:

1. Propaganda

2. Economic warfare

3. Preventive direct action

4. Subversion against hostile states that includes assistance to hostile Resistance group


founding father of CIA was William Doonovan who started this So this operation started in the 1950s n kept going till 1976


CIA agent Cord Meyer was principal operative of it whose name was associated with assassination of JFK also

William Cobe was boss of CIA from 1973-76, later he would be killed

In 1976, US congress formed A Church committee that confirmed operation Mockingbird is true n they exposed name of 45 journo n said it’s just tip of iceberg


In 1977 Rolling stones magazine exposed name of 400 journos who were working as asset of CIA

In 1976 this operation was closed


But what do u think Did Operation Mockingbird close down in 1976 or it’s still going on ?

It’s said CIA director during OMB Williams Cobe wanted to expose something in 90s about it but he was found dead

A researcher Steve Kangas said in 1998 that OMB never closed down, it’s even expanded worldwide


He was also found dead after some days.


This graph gives some important insight Number of corporation who controls US media has gone down with time

That means now only few groups control entire media

It’s good situation or bad situation?


Infect now only 6 groups control most of US media

And now we r living in tech era in a shrinking world

Now CIA has tools to manipulate public opinion of the world wide

What r the chances that left liberal journalist of ur country is not mockingbird of CIA ?



Now China has also started to control worldwide media

About china strategy

These journalist r invited in USA for lecture or seminar where they r groomed . They recieve toolkit from CIA to run propagnda . They are rewarded n awarded. Magsaysay award is associated with CIA


I started this thread with

1. Public opinion

2. Propaganda


I can’t say operation Mockingbird is still going on

But I also can’t say that it’s not going on

It happened n might be happening today also

Don’t allow anyone to use propaganda to shape ur opinion

Be vigilant

We live in democratic world

And in democracy public opinion is most important

N anyone who can control Public opinion can control democratic process n ur country n this world

Be aware of those CIA Mockingbirds in ur countryThe Mockingbirds



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