The Protocols (Thread)


The Protocols (Thread)


August 1903, Petersburg (Russia)


A less known Russian newspaper Znamya publish a series of articles title “”Protocols of the Elders of Zion” but it doesn’t create much stir.


This protocol appears again in 1905

The Protocols (Thread)

This time in final chapter of a Russian book “The Great in the Small & Antichrist”, a book by Sergei Nilus.

But Book also fails and nobody takes these Protocol seriously


In 1906 a Russian journalist Georgy Butmi de Katzman publish these protocols in pamphlet form n distribute but no one takes him seriously.

After that world start to change seriously


1905 : An exaggerated psychologist Sigmund freud publish its research n Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality that letter becomes key driving force for free sex campaign.

1907 : Global stock market crash. JP Morgan, John D Rockefeller, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, all declare that the lesson of the Great Panic is that the U.S. needs a Central Bank


1913 : A private central bank Federal reserve is established in USA and it takes over US economy.

1908 : King and Prince of Portugal are assassinated by leftist.


1908 : Young turk revolution funded by Rothschild against Ottoman empire starts.


1909 : Suddenly a new version of Bible Scofield Bible appears.


1911 : PM of Russia assassinated by leftist.

1912 : PM of Spain is assassinated by an anarchist .


1914: First World war starts.


1917 : Revolution in Russia, Tsar falls, communist take over on conservative Russia.


1918 : Mysterious spanish flu virus kills 5 crore people worldwide.


1918 : Germany and Ottoman empire falls.

1919 : Regime change in Hungry and communist govt is established.


1919 : Germany is destroyed by Britain, France and USA in treaty of Versailles.


1920 : Chatham house is established to establish New World Order.

1921 : End of Caliphate system in Islam, Ottoman is disintegrated.

After 1920, The Protocol appears again in this time in west. American industrialist Henry Ford published in a newspaper he owned — The Dearborn Independent, a series of articles that r quoted from the Protocol.

After that The protocol creates sensation in west .It is published in all western countries And immediately its counter rejection also starts.

1921 : Times expose that its a forged and fake document n created by Russia

1924 : German newspaper Frankfurter Zeitung also declares it fake document


Lot of countries bans The Protocol

Today this document is widely available on Internet and its considered the most influential work of antis3mitism ever written


Most of countries consider it a fake n fabricated n antis@mitic conspiracy document but many people still believe that document was correct

What was in that document ?


The Protocols is alleged to be the minutes of a secret meeting of global elites in which a master plan for world domination for next 100 years, is laid out in bone chilling details


Around 120 years have passed now u urself can check whether those things happened that were written in that document or not


Here is The Protocol of elders of Zions :


– Destroy the Catholic Church and all Christianity

– Promote Atheism

– Wage class warfare / labor against management

– Overthrow Tsarist Russia

– Corrupt the morals of the people

Promote senseless “modern art” and dirty literature

– Use anti-S@mitism to keep “lesser Jeus” cohesive

– Manipulate women with ideas of “liberation”

– Create economic depressions and inflations

– Create “controlled opposition” to themselves

Use state debt as a weapon to enslave countries

– Subvert and control all existing governments

– Install tainted politicians that can be blackmailed

– Manipulate college students with phony idealism

– Assassinate world leaders

– Spread deadly diseases

Use balance of power politics to control nations

– Commit acts of terrorism

– Promote sports and games in order to divert people from politics

– Start a World War which will include the USA

– Set up world government after an economic crash


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