Water Census (Thread)


Water Census (Thread)


  • U must have heard about Population Census but have u ever heard abt Water census ?


  • Last month Modi govt presented India’s first water census report but Media didnt show


  • Read this interesting thread to know everything abt water reservoirs in India



  • There is famous saying in management that the things you cant measure, u cant improve


  • With this objective, In 2018 Modi govt started to work on a project to find out


– how many water bodies in India

– their size

– condition

-status of encroachments

– use

– storage capacity

So water census is a database of all water bodies of India. Work started by Jal Shakti ministry in 2018 and report was presented last month


water bodies : All natural or man-made units bounded on all sides with some or no masonry work used for storing water for any purposes

Let me share some imp points from this report


1. There r total 24.24 lac water bodies in India. It includes ponds, lakes, Bawdi, tanks etc


2. Out of them only 84% r in use, rest 16% r not in use due to encroachment or other reasons


3. 97% WBs r in villages n only 3% in cities

Water Census (Thread)


4. 78% WBs r man made while 22% r natural, thanks to our Kings, Governments, villagers who understood importance of them


5. 45% are under Govt n rest r with Public

Water Census (Thread)


6. West Bengal has highest water bodies followed by UP, Andhra. We can see fish eating states have more water bodies

Water Census (Thread)


While North Indian states have less water reservoirs

7. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Assam have best water management system

Karnataka, Delhi and MP have worst one

Water Census (Thread)

Percentage is calculated by how many Water bodies r under use compare to total WBs in that state

8. Now those WBs that r not in use what is the reason n main reason is – Draught


9. Those WBs that r in use, how they r being used n more than 50% r used for Fisheries

Water Census (Thread)


10. Now this is imp one. We have 24.24 lacs

Water Census (Thread)


  • Out of them 14.42 lacs r small ponds followed by tank, pond, check dam, lake etc
  • So I just shared few of the highlights of report


  • Those who want to study whole report can go website of Jal shakti ministry n download whole report (9MB) from there



Or u can read summery of report here



  • Work was started by nitin_gadkari in 2018 and completed by current Jal Shakti minster   Gajendra singh shekhawat under the guidance of PM narendramodi


  • Hope this report will use used for preservation and development of Water Bodies of India

Water Census (Thread)

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